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Our Philosophies 

Our Philosophies


As the owner of Hunterworks Inc. I can be kind of old-fashioned in the way that I think. There are several sayings and clichés I live by and operate my business by. Again you might find them kind of old-fashioned but if you will set back and think on these you should understand where I am coming from. The following is a list of sayings and clichés that I live by and what each one means to me. They are in no particular order. 

"I am an Ameri-can not an Ameri-can't

           This is one of my favorites. I truly believe anyone can do anything they want to, you just have to want to do it bad enough. Anytime I think about wanting to do something whether it is a new product or business idea I never think I can't do it. Just because I might not know how to do it doesn't mean I can't learn how or figure it out. I tell Hunter (my six year old) that CAN'T is an ugly word around the Eldridge household.

"Learn to use or have some integrity"

             Integrity means doing the hard right thing instead of the easy wrong thing.

"You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" 

          Treating people nice and with respect goes a long way even if they call you and they are mad when they call about whatever it is. When I deal with people I like to immediately make a friendly impression on them. When you want something from somebody again it is advantageous to be nice.

 "Don't sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff"

         If you think about it, most things don't make a hill of beans. Yeah we are impatient these days and we want what we want when we want it but it doesn't always happen the way we want it or expect it to. Unless you feel like somebody intentionally did what ever has gotten you upset then let it go.

 "Don't let money be your driving force"

           I started this business as a sideline for the Fire Dept. and wanted to do something I really enjoy.  I truly believe we are having the success we are having because I don't worry about the money side of it. If I let money be the driving force then this would not longer be fun and I probably would not be able to give you the customer service you deserve.  I believe that if I provide quality products at a decent price along with the best customer service possible then the money will follow. The bad thing is money is the only way to gauge a company's success.

 "Family first then customers"

           Another reason I started this business was to hopefully provide a job for Hunter and my nephew Scotty. Scotty graduated from college in May and is working here now. Hunter says he already works at Hunterworks Inc, just ask Amber and Scotty and they will tell you Hunter is the boss now, but he is just seven. Since we finally have a new office with full-time employees the business phone is out of the home office and we leave at 5:00pm so we can spend time with our families. Our kids only grow up once so don't miss it.

 "People are only human, not computers"

         People make mistakes in life and here at Hunterworks Inc. We all forget things sometimes and simply just drop the ball. Normally people don't intentionally mess things up and I can assure you that if your one of the very few whose order gets fouled up, it was not intentional because we do care. Everybody here at Hunterworks Inc enjoys what they are doing and tries to make your experience the best it can be on an Internet based retail business.

" Everybody in this office believes in God and goes to Church"



Hunterworks Inc.
12097 Kelly Lane

Collinsville, MS 39325
Phone: 601-771-0070
Fax 601-771-0073

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