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Wednesday, December 21 2022

"I have finally found a down to earth company that is true to public help and service ! Thank you for the video’s and work you have done and morals you stand by ! My name is John I’m a fleet director of a municipality district here in lake Tahoe California . We use are xp 900 ranger to reach are water supply tanks in deep snow for samples and repairs! I gained a lot of extra details on the ranger (that you provided above oem ) that will be future help. You have a incredible company morals and thank you for what you do !"


Posted by: Todd AT 11:42 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, December 05 2022

If you guys missed it, Hunterworks is on Amazon! Belts and Clutch kits are the only items listed but nonetheless if you need a HW belt on the fly, check them out on Amazon. We also just created a "My Account" page on this site here. This lets you have a faster checkout as well. 

Posted by: Hunter AT 03:09 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, December 05 2022

I'll get straight to it. There has been 4 out of 70 clutches so far that we have had to address a problem with. The buttons, as we call them, on the spider part of the clutches have been slipping out. We have talked with the manufactured and they ensured us that they will fix the problem immediately. Other than those 4, we have had 0 complaints. These clutches have been in the making for 2 years and we will continue to make improvements as we sell them to our customers. Thank you guys for your business and we look forward to bring you more products that we claim to be "the best on the planet." 

Posted by: Hunter AT 01:03 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, December 02 2022
Bent Ranger Bed Fix!!

Our 2016 Polaris Ranger XP 900's bed gate was not closing due to the side rails being too close together. Todd used his straining face to fix it LOL.

Also I do not know why these pictures will not upload straight, oh well, have fun tilting your head!

Posted by: Hunter AT 10:11 am   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Wednesday, November 30 2022
Rough Country Back Glass Ranger XP 900

We just got in the Rough Country Back Glass for our 2016 Polaris Ranger XP 900 Crew.

One thing about this glass that we like is the noise reduction and dust prevention. Dust collects in the cab down dirt roads and the exhaust can get obnoxious without this back glass. It serves its purpose.

One thing we do not like about this rear panel, along with alot of other brands, is the strip you are suppose to install that seperate straight glass from hitting the frame. It does not come assembled and putting this strip along the edge of the glass is a challenge.

Someone comment down below some easier installed front and rear windshields, I'd love to hear what you guys had success with.

Thanks, Hunter

Posted by: Hunter AT 12:52 pm   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Wednesday, November 30 2022

Had a customer today that was told he needed a clutch kit (from a buddy) and came to us for advice. He and his buddy had the wrong idea for clutch weights and spring. Here is the gist and conclusion to the conversation.

"If you go 3-5 MPH, what size weights and spring would you want in the clutch? Lighter or Heavier?" - Todd (Hunterworks Guru)

"Lighter weights and spring of course because of all the play between the clutch halves" - Customer

*The answer is heavier weights. Heavier weights and springs close the clutch tighter so you are able to grip the belt better at lower speeds.*

On a side note, there is a misconception within our customer base. Alot of our customers are TOLD they need a clutch kit from a buddy or local shop mechanic. We here at Hunterworks respect tinkers and mechanics in this line of work, but we believe the owner of the vehicle needs to know if he or she needs a clutch kit themselves. 

This is the reason we are in business and why we love what we do. We clear up the misinformation people are being told and help our customers save money in the long run. 

Again, we are not knocking tinkers and mechanics in this line of work! People are misinformed because of the way the internet works now a days and we are here to set the record straight!

Okay I'm done now, thanks!


Posted by: Hunter AT 12:36 pm   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Tuesday, November 29 2022
Electric Can Am Windshield

Picked up an Electric Windshield from Can Am last week. Thought I'd share it on here. We installed it on the 2022 Can Am Commander XMR. This machine is my favorite one out of all the vehicles we own. This just makes it way cooler! What do you guys think??

Posted by: Hunter AT 01:05 pm   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Tuesday, November 29 2022

Been having a couple Can Am guys wanting to adjust their speedometer because of bigger tires. We offer the PV3 and it does alter the ECU but unfortunately the PV3 will not correct the speedo. Our guy Dusty from DynoJet told me it has to do with the EPROM. From my limited knowledge and Google search lol, "An EPROM (rarely EROM), or erasable programmable read-only memory, is a type of programmable read-only memory (PROM) chip that retains its data when its power supply is switched off." 

So for you Can Am guys wanting to adjust the speedo, we cannot. That may be a dealer job. 


Posted by: Hunter AT 10:48 am   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Tuesday, November 29 2022

If there are any Honda Pioneer owners or friends of an owner, what are your thoughts on the machine?

Althought they are not belt driven, we would entertain the idea of introducing some products to help Pioneer owners stay on the trail. 

We also wouldn't mind purchasing one of our own! So let us know your thoughts and or problems you've heard of coming out of these machines. 


Posted by: Hunter AT 10:44 am   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Monday, November 28 2022
Hunterworks Polaris Primary Clutches

Hunterworks now has a Primary Clutch for the Polaris 1000 models!

Fitment: 2016-2022 General 1000 (Non XP), 2016-2022 RZR 1000S, 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000, 2017-2022 RZR XP 1000, 2017 Ranger XP 1000 (3 seat and Crew), and 2018 Ranger XP 1000 (Crew Only). 

Primary Info Video:

Complete Clutch Info Video:

The No Warranty Info Video:

Link to Warranty Page:

Info page for 2016 RZRs and Generals:

We hope you find this post helpful and would love to see some comments down below. 

Thank you for your business!

Posted by: Hunter AT 11:30 am   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email

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