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MSD or PC V???
If there is a MSD ignition/fuel controller and a Powercommander V ignition/fuel controller available for your vehicle, how do you know which one is right for you?

This is not such a simple answer and we at Hunterworks do NOT have a favorite so to speak between the two. At the end of the day they both will adjust fuel and timing but the way to do it and the features each one has makes them different.

For a 700 Rhino the new 3D MSD and the newest PC Vwith ignition are very comparable. The main differences I guess is the MSD has 10 available maps you can program for different things and the PC V essentially has one. The PC V does have the ability to have a second map you can hard wire a switch into to switch it over but I rarely see a need for needing to switch. The other main difference is the PC V has the ability to plug in a Auto-Tune Module into it so you can let it map out your fuel for you.

The MSD may at some point have a Auto-tune function but not now.

At Hunterworks we offer both the MSD 3D and the PC V with ignition for the Rhino 700 with maps for the following mods: stock exhaust, muzzy exhaust and muzzy with stage II Rhino cam. Any engine mods beyond that you would have to take your vehicle to a tuning center or learn to do it yourself. Of course with the PC V you could buy the auto-tune module and let it do it.

The MSD is the easiest to install, it simply plugs into the stock ECU in the battery box, takes 5 min. The PC V plugs into several sensors and the ignition coil. This takes about 15 min.

The PC V has some other functions that would rarely get used but they are there.

So I would say if I was going to only do some mods that Hunterworks sells and you wanted it simply as it could be, then the MSD 3D would be the way to go, because we already have the maps pre-programmed in and all you have to do is turn the switch to the number that corresponds to the mod you bought from us.

If you already had some mods that do not match what we have done or if you was going to do mods we do not have maps for or you were wanting to do some complex stuff then I would say the PC V and the auto-tune module would be the way to go. 

No cut and dry answer here really. So if you just can't make your mind up then it would be best to call in and talk with Todd about what it is you are doing and we make a decision together about it.

Right now as of March 2012 the only people who will have to make the decision is Rhino 700 owners, soon the Teryx owners will have both options and the Polaris guys only have the PC V for now. 

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