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700 New Styled Sheave Vs. MSD

This article was written before the 2012 and 13 models Rhinos came out, a MSD will not work on them so we use the Power Commander V on them.  Either way this article can be applied to either when comparing them to the machined sheave. We could change the name to Ignition Box Vs. Machined Sheaves.

With us coming out with the new styled machined sheave it came to me that if you're in a situation where you simply wanted to go faster than 41 mph and you were going to buy a MSD ignition/Fuel controller to do that then you really should be looking into our new sheave.

This idea is for someone who has no plans at all to do engine mods such as exhaust or adding a cam, by adding the MSD only you simply get to go faster, usually around 48 mph then you run out of power. Since you're not doing other mods then the fuel and spark advance really does not do you any good. There is not enough power to be gained from changing the stock fuel and spark if this is all you're doing.

So if you buy the new sheave instead you get to higher top speeds, most times around 50 then hit the rev limiter again. But you gain so much more.  You get all the benefits of our new sheave.

1. Higher top speeds
2. Better bottom end performance
3. Slighter better mid range performance when you buy the lighter greaseless roller weights
4. Get to go greaseless when you buy the weights so less maintenance
5. Lower engine RPM while crusing due to the overdrive affect of the new sheave
6. Better gas mileage because engine speed has dropped while crusing.
7. Less cab noise due to the lower engine speeds

Most of all the new sheave combo is even less money and a higher value. Click on the link below to go over to the sheave and read the tech article explaining about how it works and the benefits of it.

Link to 700 New Styled Sheave

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