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Maverick Dalton Clutch kit

Why do you need one or who needs one? Every Can Am Maverick owner who plans on keeping the stock clutch in place needs one. Even a stock machine gets gains, but adjustabilty is another benefit for future tire changes, etc. Some of the gains are to correct the RPM drop then climbing back out that the factory clutch calibration does. Fixing this on a stock machine nets you on average about 2/10ths of a second quicker and 2-3 mph faster in 400 ft. measured by laser triggers and radar gun. The kit also aids the stock machine in backshifting so you can climb better, it gets the belt back shifted to a better ratio on the clutches quicker (which is the key to not slipping)

Another important fact is that it gets your clutch taken apart and cleaned and installed properly to help prevent the problems that early models had. The assembly and torque procedures are important.

Thru times testing the Maverick in stock form seems to have the most power around 7650-7800 RPM during shift phase and this kits puts the RPM there and holds it there, not backing off like the stock set up does.

Anyone who buys larger tires and is planning on keeping the stock clutch would benefit from the kit as well. Big tires drag engine RPM down because the stock clutch with larger tires will shift out too quickly and drop the RPM. You want it to shift out slower thus staying in low gear longer if you will.  Also the addition of the stiffer secondary spring will aid in better backshifting and less belt slippage with the larger tires. Same priciple applies to people who load their vehicle or do activity like duning where the sand itself is a load.

The kit comes with a owners manual with all the set ups in it for elevation, tires, sand etc. The manual and adjustability makes it flexible for later changes.

Also for the larger tire guys, like heavy 28" tires and larger tires there is even a optional spring the Black Violet torsional spring to give you better performance to match your tires.

It is highly recommended anyone who buys this kit follow the instructions very carefully, as they pertain to torqueing the stock primary bolt or the new primary stud along with the secondary bolt. The installation procedures are very important.

The secondary bolt is considered a one time use bolt because it is a torque to yield bolt meaning it stretches. We are offering new BRP bolts as a option.

Also you will need a clutch holder for the primary and secondary to hold it while you torque the bolts.

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