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Razorback Belt Temp Gauge

Tech Article (Good Read)

  • Razorback Dimmable 3.1 Belt Temp Gauge
  • Fits 2 1/16" Gauge Clusters/Pods or hole in dash
  • Comes with 15ft harness to fit all UTV's
  • Machined From Solid Aluminum Stock
  • Anti-Glare LCD Screen
  • Multi-Color LED Temperature Alerts
  • Current, Average, and High Temperature Tracking
  • Waterproof Sensor
  • Waterproof Connections
  • Quick-Release Sensor Wiring Harness
  • Backed By 1 Year Warranty

The new 3.1 gauge now features a dimmable display and LED indicator light that can be cycled through five power level settings. The screen factory setting is set to the brightest level.

Brightness levels and percentages:

5 100%

4 55%

3 35%

2 15%

1 2% Dimmest


Press the rocker switch to increase brightness by one level

(e.g. from level 1 to level 2). Pressing the rocker switch from

the level 5 position, will reset the display dimmer back to level

1 (dimmest).

Once powered off, the gauge will remain at the last

brightness setting and remain there once powered back on.

Additional Features:

  • Water protection: IP65 Gauge. IP67 Sensor and Connection
  • Ability to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius if needed

Belts break. It's really that simple. But if you're blowing belts every couple of hundred miles, there's something wrong. The 3.1 Edition will help you find out what that is. Using real-time belt surface temperature as an indicator of the condition/efficiency of your belt, this gauge will help you dial-in your machine and put the most power to the ground.

By riding with a Razorback Technology infrared belt temperature gauge, you'll be able to lengthen the life of your belts by avoiding damaging temperatures that essentially "bake" hours and miles off your belts.

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